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More than college grants and handouts; we consider what we do as a family affair where financial, academic, and emotional support abounds.  Financial aid is great, but we offer something deeper: belonging. At Adopt A Destiny, first-generation, low-income black and brown students are welcomed (adopted) into our family, where support goes beyond scholarships.  We’re cheerleaders for each student, their dreams are our mission, and their success is our shared family celebration.

the path forward


Our mission is to open access to Higher Education for first-generation, black and brown students. Each student we support directly improve our communities.



At the heart of our mission lies the Pathways to Excellence program, providing  financial and emotional resources through education access and community  upliftment.   

What we focus on

Education & Community

Destiny Adoption
Project (DAP)

Through the DAP, we facilitate full or partial third-party sponsorship of a student’s tuition or room and board costs.

Bridge To Destiny
Fund (BDF)

Students receive one-time scholarships, academic resources, and mentorship to start and complete post-secondary education.


Through annual events we seek to uplift communities in an effort to advocate for students and instill a feeling of togetherness.

in action

Our team walk alongside students throughout their college journeys, from beginning to graduation.

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Tiann Rattary

Categories: Available for Sponsorship, Borough of Manhattan Community College, College, College Major, Education
Location: New York
Major: Education
Class of: 2026

Known affectionately as Rochelle, Tiann Rattery hopes to become a teacher one day. A driven young lady, she works at Starbucks and a local school while attending college full-time. Nevertheless, meeting the needs of college costs continues to be a struggle.
We’re happy to support her by raising the necessary funds to complete college.
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Tiann Rattary

Known affectionately as Rochelle, Tiann Rattery hopes to become a...

Briana Farr

Categories: Available for Sponsorship, College, College Major, Education, High School Attended, Port Antonio, Portland, The Mico University College, Titchfield High, Town I Parish
Major: Education I English
Class of: 2024

Briana is a future educator/English Language Specialist who graduated from Titchfield High School, Portland, in 2018.  She enrolled at The Mico University College in September 2019 and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Language and Literature.  She is expected to complete it by 2024.


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Briana Farr

Briana is a future educator/English Language Specialist who graduated from...

If you’re a student interested in applying or a sponsor who’s thinking of supporting one of our students, visit our program page to learn more.

Equal Access for
all black & Brown Students

Our Impact

How student sponsorship works

Your monthly commitment of $76 ensures one of our international students can pay room & board for one semester. No matter how small or big your donation will make an impact.



Class of 2022,
Ahui Medical College, China


Sashalee Beasley is the inspiration behind our effort to help students. In 2016, our founder Morlette Cowan, committed to paying for Sashalee’s studies when she learned of her plight in a local newspaper. Over the next five years, she would support Sashalee with tuition and other costs.

We celebrate her recent achievement, completing her college studies with a well-earned medical degree.

Class of 2023,
University of the West Indies, Jamaica


Britney Ming, a Titchfield High alumna and a 2023 UWI graduate, holds a BSc in Bio-Engineering. 

Upon graduating, her final project caught the attention of a professor at Florida Institute of Technology who, after meeting Britney, awarded her a full-ride scholarship to begin her doctorate studies and a part-time assistant teaching role – demonstrating the far-reaching impact of our support.

Join us in planting seeds of hope and changing destinies.