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More than college grants and handouts; we consider what we do as a family affair where financial, academic, and emotional support abounds.  Financial aid is great, but we offer something deeper: belonging. At Adopt A Destiny, first-generation, low-income black and brown students are welcomed (adopted) into our family, where support goes beyond scholarships.  We’re cheerleaders for each student, their dreams are our mission, and their success is our shared family celebration.

Our mission is to empower Black and Brown students to achieve their full potential through financial and community support, closing the achievement gap and building thriving futures.


THE Program

Pathways To Excellence

At the heart of our mission lies the Pathways to Excellence (PTE) program, providing comprehensive educational support and a supportive environment.  Two key components of this program is focused on Education Empowerment and Community Cohesion.

key components

Educational Empowerment

Through each Educational Empowerment project students receive scholarships, and mentorship to start and complete post-secondary education.

Community Cohesion

Our program is a community builder, bringing youth and community members together through regular gatherings, workshops, and events.
Educational Empowerment

in action

Since our inception, we have supported seven students by awarding grants to supplement college expenses. Graduates have gone on to become doctors, engineers, and teachers, making a positive impact on their communities. 

Visit our program page to learn more.

Additionally, we seek out long term financial sponsorship commitments from groups, organizations, and philanthropists to cover each student’s financial obligations. Click the link below to see the students available for sponsorship.

community upliftment

in action

Adopt A Destiny’s approach is firmly rooted in the communities it serves. By fostering close partnerships with local schools and organizations, the organization ensures that its efforts are tailored to the unique needs of its students. This community-centric approach has proven instrumental in identifying and supporting students who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

In 2023, we partnered with Heartshare St. Vincent to provide a gala and clothing giveaway for 10 women from low-income families coping with homelessness, foster care release, and other social issues.



Class of 2022,
Ahui Medical College, China


Sashalee Beasley is the inspiration behind our effort to help students. In 2016, our founder Morlette Cowan, committed to paying for Sashalee’s studies when she learned of her plight in a local newspaper. Over the next five years, she would support Sashalee with tuition and other costs.

We celebrate her recent achievement, completing her college studies with a well-earned medical degree.

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.

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