The Final Step: Your Student Visa

So, you’ve secured admission to your dream school and earmarked enough financial resources to make a move. However, like most international students, there’s one small (probably LARGE) barrier; the F-1 student visa.   A lot is riding on a five-minute dialogue with a stranger. Fortunately, with enough confidence and information, you can ace the interview and leave the United States embassy with an approval letter.

Why should you believe me? I just went through this myself. My name is Michael Bailey, and I recently aced my student visa interview. Here are some tips that you may find helpful.

Ooze Confidence

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Surprisingly, the F1 student visa interview is not as scary as it sounds, as the Officers seem to enjoy granting student visas. Upon arrival, your greatest challenge may be to overcome self-doubt. However, be confident from the security checkpoint until you finish your interview. Doing this will make your answers more fluid and credible, and you will find the process a lot easier.

To boost your confidence, stand upright, look the Officer directly in the eyes, and stay composed throughout your session, even if you are asked a question you were not prepared to answer. Don’t be scared to say, ‘I am sorry, but I do not know the answer to that question.’

Practice Makes Perfect

Most visa interviewers ask the same questions: Why did you choose this college? How will you pay for your expenses, and what will you do after your studies? By practicing, you will become more confident and comfortable with your answers. This will work well in your favor as it will convince the Officer that you are prepared and deserving of the student visa. Here’s a complete list of possible questions that you may find helpful.

“The most important piece of advice that I can give to anyone desirous of studying overseas, is to practice, practice, and practice some more”.

Prep for the Conversation

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Don’t be fooled; without all the necessary documents, your visa application will not be successful. Here are a few tips to keep you organized and focused.

  1. Create a checklist of all the must-have documents required for the interview weeks in advance;
  2. Ensure that you print copies of all must-have documents. These include your acceptance letter, Form-I-20, scholarship letters/bank statements, passport, and DS-160 confirmation page.   It is highly advised that you only hand these documents over to the Officer when asked, at which point you should ensure that they are straightened and not in an envelope;
  3. Keep all your must-have documents in one place; a folder is a good option; and
  4. Arrange all your documents based on the likelihood that the Officer will ask for them. For example, they may want to see your SEVIS fee receipt and Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status), so make sure they are at the top of the pile.

With confidence and all documents in hand, the visa interview will be over before you know it.

You have worked so hard to get to where you are, so use the opportunity to show this to the interviewer. Don’t forget to demonstrate why you deserve the visa and assure them that you will abide by all the student visa rules. 

By being truthful and considering all the tips above, you should stand a good chance of leaving the embassy with an approval letter.

Best of luck with your F-1 Student Visa Interview.

Please let me know if I am of any help.