Attending Maryville College in the Fall of 2021 is a dream come true, and preparing for my first year has been a joyous experience. The steps that I have taken before my departure so far are planning, packing, and getting vaccinated. 
planning, packing, and getting vaccinated. 




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Getting Vaccinated

A less joyful experience in the preparation process for me is getting vaccinated. As expected, each university has different vaccination requirements. So far, I have received three vaccinations and did a tuberculosis test.  But that’s not all; I still have more vaccines to receive before departure. During my first week at Maryville College, I should receive my Covid-19 vaccine (currently unavailable for some age groups in Jamaica). 

My preparation progress so far has been good, and I am excited about starting my journey at Maryville College in the fall of 2021.

Let me know how your preparation for College is going.