My name is Michael Bailey, and I am a sophomore student at Maryville College in Tennessee, majoring in Neuroscience.

Help finding college scholarships can be challenging, but with unwavering determination, you can be successful. 

So, here are the tips that have worked for me.

Find college scholarships and grants that suit your uniqueness 

As an international student, I am limited to working 20 hours each week, so scholarships have been my primary source of paying for college. My main aim for each semester was a place on the Dean’s List, which would increase my chances of receiving an award. With the assistance of kind organizations who helped to pay my tuition, especially in the first year, I honed in on my studies and attained that goal.

Source information from your school 

Most high schools have at least one guidance counselor. Speak to counselors at your school, as they may provide a wealth of information about college applications and scholarships. Most importantly, some scholarship applications require a letter of recommendation from a school official, so building that relationship with a counselor might be rewarding. Ask your guidance counselors about any scholarship they may know of, or even connect you with philanthropic organizations. 

Michael Bailey

Start searching early 

The scholarship search process should begin right away. The worst feeling is finding a scholarship that perfectly suits you, but the deadline passed. Searching early increases your chances of discovering the right scholarships on time and allows the space to hear back from organizations before school starts. It also gives a clearer picture of your future financial situation. Contrary to popular belief, college scholarships are awarded yearly, with a massive increase over the summer. 


Read all requirements carefully (most importantly, the deadlines), and showcase why you deserve the scholarship. Also, do not underestimate the importance of smaller scholarships. 

College scholarships can be an essential aspect of your college experience. Despite being difficult to navigate, following simple tips can yield great results. To be successful, students should take charge of their goals and be willing to discover information and opportunities from diverse and credible sources.

So how do you pay for college? Let us know in the comments.