My name is Sashalee Beasley, and this has been one of my most significant philosophies in life since I was a child. During childhood, I understood that I was underprivileged compared to my peers. However, this did not deter me from thriving for success; it motivated me more.

        I grew up in Montpelier District, St. James – a rural area of Jamaica in a single-parent household with my mother and siblings. She was a domestic worker who occasionally worked two jobs to cover our financial needs despite earning minimum wage. Even though I was a child, I took notice of the predicament I was facing and would often hustle at school by selling sweets to ease some of the financial strain off my mother and help provide for myself. However, there were times when it became overbearing, and it was sometimes a challenge to balance schoolwork because it affected me emotionally. Still, my dream to become a doctor kept me motivated every step of the way. Sometimes my mother’s acquaintances would assist, and I was beyond grateful. 

Living My Dream 

In 2016, my lifelong dream finally came to life. I left Jamaica for the first time in 2016 to finally pursue my dream and life-long goal of becoming a doctor. I got accepted to a medical university in china (which I’m currently enrolled in), but at first, I did not know how I would finance my tuition fee. I roamed the streets of Montego Bay seeking sponsorship and sending hundreds of e-mails and letters until a private company agreed to cover my tuition fee for the first year. At the end of the first year, the same company decided to cover my tuition fee for four buy anadrol more years due to my consistent academic performance. Though it would usually be hard to provide for my needs, the fact that I only have my final year tuition to cover makes me feel a little more at ease, but with my faith and motivation, I know it will work out, and I will be successful regardless of the struggles I faced. 

 Sponsorship has helped me attain the goals I had set out since I was a child, and because of the help I’ve received every day, I am one step closer to attaining my dream. I will also soon be able to assist other persons with similar challenges that I faced. This initiative would benefit ambitious, goal-driven Jamaicans like me, who aspire to better themselves and their family and eventually help Jamaica, regardless of the struggles while growing up in less-fortunate homes.