Destiny Pathway Program

for High School Students


This year-long program provides financial assistance and college preparedness to low-income black and brown high school students in New York. 

In A Nutshell

With the guidance of a career coach, each student receives an individualized growth plan based on their needs. A financial scholarship is awarded upon successful completion of program activities.

Program Summary

The Destiny Pathway Program is a one-year program that assists with college preparedness, such as test preparation, college tours, and school selection.

Applicants must be low-income black and brown, low-income students between 15 and 18 years old who live in the Bronx or Flushing New York.

A financial scholarship starting at US$1,000.00 is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

Black and brown students from low-income households face many barriers in access to further education. Many work several jobs, take on student loan debt, or attend college part-time, as full-time education can be unaffordable. Such individuals require financial support and access to resources to help break economic barriers from poverty. Higher education rates also benefit society by improving living quality through reduced crime rates, teenage parenthood, and infant mortality. For vulnerable and low-income communities, where education rates are low, and crime and poverty are high, higher education rates can be key to improving the quality of life and community opportunities.

Each student will receive a custom program plan that is tailored to address their specific circumstance and learning outcome. However, all students should expect a program outline that includes elements of the following:

  • school selection & career planning,
  • school admission and application preparation,
  • SAT preparation,
  • college campus tours

The Destiny Pathway Program lasts one year. Upon successful completion of the program each student will be awarded with a financial, need-based scholarship.  The amount of each award will differ based on a student’s need, however, each student will be awarded a minimum of US$1,000.00.


  • The Destiny Pathway Program helps students,  aged 15-18
  • Students must live in either the Bronx or Flushing, New York
  • Students must be a low-income black and brown youth.

The program accepts a maximum of forty students and is held once each year. 

Applications are accepted in March each year.

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