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About Us

Adopt A Destiny (AAD) is a non-profit organization which seeks to empower minority students through tertiary and vocational education. AAD aims to provide financial support to needy students in  through partnerships and fundraising efforts from the Caribbean diaspora, North America and Europe.

AAD was formed in 2021, by Morlette Cowan, CEO and Director.

Our founders care about the well-being of others. While they lived a life that always sought to give back to others, they’ve also experienced periods where they wished for support that never showed up.

Their desire is to show up for students, who need someone in their corner.

Yes. We are registered in the state of New York and we’re  designated as a 501(c)3 charity, with US Federal authorities.


Adopt A Destiny is located in New York 11412, USA.

AAD is unique in its operations, as we are dedicated to building a culture of giving by mandating our students to give back two (2) years’ of employment or voluntary service, on successful completion of their studies.

You may partner with us by becoming a donor/adopter and or volunteer. Visit our volunteer page to become a volunteer.

You may contact us via telephone at 1-877-256-4622 or via email [email protected].

We keep our supporters up-to-date via our website (videos and blogs) and also our monthly and quarterly newsletters.

AAD assists students with tuition, accommodation, meals, school supplies, travel and other academic related expenses.

You may apply directly at, when we begin to accept applications.

The process entails submitting our application form with necessary information needed to pre-qualify you for our program. Once we receive an application with supporting documents, we initiate a meeting with the student to verify details and get a deeper understanding of the need. If student is accepted, they are notified by email and by phone, of the financial burdens that Adopt A Destiny will undertake on their behalf. Students must sign and notarize an acceptance letter before being fully accepted into the program.

This process lasts up to six weeks, after an application is accepted.

Applicants must be experiencing visible financial challenges, such as an inability to cover meals, boarding and tuition for college. However, the applicant must submit any documentation or reference information that validates that they are in need of for financial support. This could be a letter from the college or Justice of the Peace.
Each student will be assessed on their individual needs for college. Depending on the respective needs, the student will be assisted accordingly. The expenses that will be covered ranges from travel, boarding, meals and tuition fees.
The Student Coordinator will be in touch with the college’s administrative body to confirm important dates such as registration fees deadline, tuition payment deadline and start dates for classes. This information will be used to guide the time frame for respective payment.
Students are expected to maintain good grades, successfully completing all modules within a given semester and scoring at least a G.P.A of 2.6. Students must also be in the same or at least a similar financial position as when they applied. If the student’s financial situation has improved significantly, then an evaluation will be done and financial support reform letter be drafted and shared.
In the event of any unforeseen challenges/circumstances that would interfere with your college attendance, yes financial support would continue once you resume your studies. However, you’ll be required to write a letter to our Student Coordinator, outlining specific details for the leave of absence.
Financial support is not transferable from one student to another. If a student is in need of financial support, they have to apply via the Adopt a Destiny website in order to be shortlisted for support.

Simply stated:

  • Increasing by 10% the relatively low rate (27%) of University enrollment among students – within our first-full year.
Anyone with a passion for helping, may become a part of this drive to impact someone’s life through education
You may become a donor/sponsor/mentor by visiting our donor page and following the available options tailored to your preferences.
No. You may give as much as you want for as many times as you wish and help as many students as possible.
Yes, you can track your donation and/or student progress as soon as you become a donor on the links provided.
Yes. Each contribution and offer of support will be acknowledged and recorded unless otherwise directed by you.

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.

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